Digital marketing & branding for diverse cultural millennial brands.


Digital marketing & branding for diverse cultural millennial brands.CONTACT.png

Nüwa (nỳ wá; Chinese: 女媧), also known as Nügua, is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the pillar of heaven. Nuwa is a beautiful female goddess with snake-like tail, who believes the world is rich with diverse cultures.


Just as Nuwa is credited for, our ambition is to embrace diverse cultural brands and strengthen their original identities. We believe that each client is unique with its own identity. Therefore, we pride ourself on retaining that originality but polishing it so that it appeals to customers of all backgrounds. 




What We Do

At NuWa Marketing, we offer free consultations to clients and walk through their branding strategies and the scope of their goals. As diverse as our clients are, we offer various packages catered to our clients' needs and budgets. 



Areas of Expertise