History & Culture

Nüwa (nỳ wá; Chinese: 女媧), also known as Nügua, is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the pillar of heaven. Nuwa is a beautiful female goddess with snake-like tail. Nüwa is a goddess who created mankind, and who believes the world is rich with diverse cultures.

As the NuWa indicates, we believe that each client is unique with its own identity. Our strength is to embrace diverse cultural brands and craft their original identifies. 


Areas of Expertise


Social media platform management from a strategical point of view. Present your brand and reflect your values from actual life to a visual experience. 


From master plans to product executions, with strategicall partnerships and the right attendees. 


We understand that each brand is unique and has its own story to tell. Let us help you tell that visual story. 


From a social sense and data respective, we lock down the right alliances for you from one partnership to long lasting connections. 


With such an over saturated world, we take the work away from identifying valuable influencers for your brand. Our global network allows us to connect you with those excelling at Brand Awareness and many other important figures. 

Community Building 

Soon you will have your own community of key people helping to build your brand. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe that it takes a community to raise a brand to its top potential. 


Let's Connect.

At NuWa Marketing, we offer free consultations to clients and walk through their branding strategies and the scope of their goals. As diverse as our clients are, we offer various packages catered to our clients' needs and budgets. 

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